Dr Geoffrey Cousland at home in Melbourne, Australia, Monday May 3, 2021

Please allow us to introduce ourselves...

The name 'Ytterbiens' is a play on 'Ytterbium', a rare-earth element. Geoff Cousland's PhD topic was based around materials suitable for use within the fuel matrix of 4th-generation reactors. His interest in rare-earths centred on yttrium but his supervisor once quipped that 'Ytterbiums' could be okay as a band name once Geoff had completed his candidature (Cousland's recollection of the story). The suffix-alteration came when Geoff was on a visit to Westphalia, Germany. He was somewhat bemused by the German spelling of his nationality, 'Australien'.

Ytterbiens first release, Intrinsic Warrior, available online from Tuesday May 4, 2021.
Ytterbiens second release, Polarisation, available online from Sunday September 26, 2021.