Intrinsic Warrior

You've found the breastplate of righteousness
How you wear it well
The Word cuts a path to the simple truth
You stand your ground as they cut at you
Try to cut you down
But like a mountain you keep on standing

They love their lies and they'll tell you
That they love you too
Then reach for a dagger in the night
They'd cut the ties of the Saviour
If you let them do
But still the movement keeps on growing

In a quiet moment I puzzled long on your words
Watching pieces falling into place from all around the world
Belief that to see all would not lead me to disgrace
Cast the hell aside and took me far from this place

We laugh louder than the cherubim
Of the fallen day
You know they can laugh all they like in Hell
We'll hear their lies and deceptions
'Till the final day
But we just listen, then keep on moving

Intrinsic Warrior

© 1987, music and lyrics, Geoffrey Cousland
Registered as 'Intrinsic Warrior' with the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA).