How long this ancient war
We fight and die within their score
The masses are all on their side
How long our fears be known
Or caught upon the doubt of time
We ride the seasons of our Time
I had a shock as the preacher man smiled

How long this ancient quest
Between the bad and good at rest
The mass they move from side to side
And I smiled as the preacher man cried

How long my Lord?
How I love you so
How long my Lord
Until my fears will go?

Never told reason
Lost for a season
Caught on the wings of a compromise

Times telepathic
Caught up in the static
Told that the war it would never end

Tell of the harvest
Golden brown dew guest
Caught on the highest, then we are there

Ancient war battle
As they strike at the anvil
They banish themselves to a timely end

It knows no debtor
Peace is our pleasure
Love all eternal is all we will know...know

The battle won we climb
From out of doubt and out of time
The masses stand on either side
And I laughed as the Holy man smiled


© 1987, music and lyrics, Geoffrey Cousland
Registered as 'Polarisation' with the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA).